The Uninvited: Sanjay Kaul removed from prasugrel’s FDA advisory panel 5

CardioBrief has learned from multiple sources that Sanjay Kaul will not be a member of the FDA advisory panel on Tuesday’s hearing to evaluate prasugrel. Kaul has been a sharp critic of recent drug trials, and has raised public concerns about prasugrel and other cardiovascular agents in recent years. Kaul’s name appeared on the FDA roster posted on the FDA website last Friday. Although his name still appeared on the document at the time of this posting, Kaul was removed late last week from the committee for having an intellectual conflict of interest, though it is unclear exactly what this means or what it implies. Certainly the FDA had to have known that Kaul was an outspoken critic– just google “Kaul and prasugrel” to see what I mean. So this raises the question: what prompted this last minute dramatic move on the part of the FDA?


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