Cardiology $$$: Mt Sinai’s Samin Sharma tops Columbia’s Moses 9

In response to our post yesterday, in which we reported that Columbia University’s Jeffrey Moses $2.5 million compensation package in 2006-2007 vaulted him to 8th place in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s list of highest total compensation at private colleges for 2006-2007, CardioBrief received a message from Mt. Sinai’s Samin Sharma. According to WikiPedia, Sharma performs 1,500 complex coronary interventions each year, which apparently is an American record. Sharma wanted to let us know that the Chronicle‘s list failed to include Sharma’s own salary of $2.75 million, which would have put him ahead of Moses.
The Chronicle’s list was taken only from private colleges, so there may be other hospitals, foundations, and clinics with equally generous pay scales. Sharma’s pay can be verified on Charity Navigator. A quick perusal of the site found that some of New York City’s best known cardiothoracic surgeons are doing pretty well also, although not quite up to the level of their interventional colleages. NYU’s Stephen Colvin, Columbia’s Eric Rose, and Mt. Sinai’s David Adams took in $2.2, $2.085, and $2 million, respectively.

In the spirit of fair play and equal opportunity, CardioBrief will provide a public service and agree to publish the salary of any cardiovascular specialist who makes more than $1 million. All figures must be publicly verifiable.

One last thought: it occured to CardioBrief that there are probably at least a few noninterventional cardiologists out there, and certainly a large number of medical journalists, who would be very happy with the $275,000 difference between Sharma’s and Moses’ salaries.


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  5. Let me see if I have this right, Larry. Dr. Sharma contacted you to complain that the Chronicle’s list had neglected to mention him in its Highest Paid list? Is there some kind of cardiac pissing match going on here that we have somehow missed?

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