What Ails Mt. Sinai Hospital Ails The Entire US Healthcare System

Bloomberg News article raises extremely troubling questions about policies and procedures that have made the Mt. Sinai hospital catheterization laboratory the busiest and most lucrative in New York City. It is unclear whether the specific allegations in the article will stand up to rigorous scrutiny but, say some experts, the ills identified in the article go far beyond Mt. Sinai and New York City and are actually endemic throughout the entire US healthcare system.

The most explosive charge in the story by David Armstrong, Peter Waldman and Gary Putka is that hospital physicians scheduled emergency room appointments for patients lacking insurance and coached them to say they were having symptoms of an acute coronary syndrome….

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Samin Sharma (Wikimedia Commons)

Samin Sharma (Wikimedia Commons)


  1. Edward Toggart MD FSCAI says:

    I am not surprised to read the comments of Dr Kaul. It typifies the arrogance and lack of perspective held by those “in high places”. The do belie possible practices at his institution. Blanket statements such as his give reinforce the misperception that ALL cardiologist corrupt. Far from the truth. His statement over reach the truth.

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